Exclusive collection: Leather backgammon at the best price

Discover our wide range of leather backgammon. In this collection, the splendor of luxury blends perfectly with the elegance of the classic game. Each of our pieces is the result of careful design to offer enthusiasts an unparalleledgaming experience. We can satisfy all desires, whether you are looking for a small pocket backgammon or a luxurious professional backgammon. We have the leather backgammon game model to take on your travels as well as the version perfectly suited for tournaments. MonBackgammon’s catalog offers something unique for every backgammon enthusiast.

Leather backgammon for all player profiles at the best price

Small price leather pocket backgammon

The pocket backgammon can easily find a place in your student bag with its dimensions of 23 × 17.78 × 5.33 cm. A nice alternative to the game of chess, this reinvented classic game promises to turn your intervals into moments of pure joy on the campus bench. Even busy professionals can install it in their office to enjoy a quick game with a colleague during their lunch break.

Its magnificent design will also elevate the decoration of your work space. The box is made of a solid material covered in vegan leather. The velvet interior ensures an elegant game, but also safe storage for the pair of dice, checkers, and doubling die. The final word, the leather pocket backgammon is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing, durable and strong, while still being light enough to be carried effortlessly.

Leather backgammon for travel

Designed for nomadic spirits, our discounted leather travel backgammon set brilliantly combines the terms elegance and lightness. The 23 × 17.78 × 5.33 cm game board is spacious enough for exciting games, but also incredibly compact to slip easily into a carry-on luggage or small backpack. Much lighter than wood, the vegan leather chosen for its manufacture is also of high quality. It is able to withstand the hardships of travel while remaining lightweight. Its curated style makes it an item you will be proud to boast of in airport lounges, on station café tables, or during your stays in charming accommodations.

We recommend this small leather briefcase, enhanced by the addition of inlays, to the indefatigable traveler looking for a fun companion for their adventures in the mountains, at the beach, camping, anywhere in the world. If you are a professional always on the go, trying to combine work and relaxation, this format is ideal for you. Don’t forget to bring your entertainment gem on a romantic weekend getaway or family getaway for guaranteed moments of relaxation and conviviality.

Professional and tournament leather backgammon

The professional leather backgammon is designed especially for experienced players, tournament organizers, teachers, coaches, as well as collectors of high-end board games. It is upholstered in beautiful quality vegetable leather or leatherette that is easy to maintain. The leather feel, both soft and durable, promises exceptional durability. It also adds a touch of elegance to any game. The inside of the table, covered in a delicate velvet, offers a most pleasant tactile experience. Finely crafted marble checkers offer aesthetics and a luxurious feel with every movement.

In addition, the leather table with its generous size (40×27 cm) provides optimal playing comfort during a big competition. The lines of each arrow, each box, each inscription on the inner surface of the table, each number is designed to facilitate readability. This ensures smoother movement, but also promotes high concentration for players. The aesthetics of the leather tournament backgammon is also magnificent. It is a piece of art that will beautify any professional gaming space. And icing on the cake, you can choose it in the color of your choice: traditional brown leather, blue, turquoise, green, white, red, beige…

Gift idea for lovers of classic and strategic games

Backgammon is a thinking game. During each game, tactical and strategic skills are developed. Offering it to a young person, therefore, means giving him or her the opportunity to develop skills useful in daily life. And also to share good times with loved ones. It is also an original gift to change from the gifts that today tend to become increasingly digital or impersonal. And by choosing a leather backgammon, you offer the recipient a real source of entertainment as well as a beautiful decorative item.

Remember that backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world. At first, it may seem intimidating with the dice, checkers and geometric marks on its table. However, it is actually an easy-to-learn game of strategy and luck. Could it be the ideal gift for someone who has never played or doesn’t know the rules of this ancestral game at all? Why not, it is an accessible game for everyone. It is an equally fine and exciting alternative to the game of chessdames or trictrac.

Leather backgammon: an original corporate gift idea

Opportunities for giving gifts in the professional sphere are numerous. It can be to celebrate an important achievement, thank an employee for his or her outstanding efforts, pamper a potential client, or simply mark the end-of-year holidays. A well-thought-out gift such as a leather backgammon can help cement lasting professional relationships. It is a corporate gift that truly stands out from the ordinary, but one that will not fail to be appreciated by the recipient.

Opting for a leather-covered backgammon set accentuates a perception of sophistication. It is also a meaningful gift. It reveals an ‘ intention of sharing and conviviality . It is an invitation to moments of relaxation, playful breaks… It can replace quickly forgotten promotional items or ephemeral gadgets. You communicate values of excellence and respect when you offer this type of gift. The careful finishing and stitching reflect a ‘ positive image of the company, which is careful to offer the best. And because it is made of vegetable leather, it is an environmentally friendly gift that aligns with the growing trend toward responsible and sustainable consumption.

What are the components of MB leather backgammon sets?

We don’t offer something average. And we don’t sell anything as an option. With every order, our customers receive a complete set of backgammon games. Our goal is that you don’t have to look elsewhere for add-ons. You will find all the content of a modern standard set at the best price.


The heart of backgammon is undoubtedly the table. Depending on the version you choose, the dimensions may vary. A pocket model measures 23 × 17.78 × 5.33 cm and a standard model measures 40×27 cm, or a medium model, the size of which lies between the two. What really distinguishes our tables is the quality and type of leather used, a high-quality vegetable leather. Not forgetting the creative designs of the table composed of arrows. You can choose from a multitude of modern color combinations: black and white, red and black, turquoise and white, gray and black, yellow and brown, orange and light pink, navy blue and white, silver and khaki, etc.


Pawns are the ambassadors of the players on the table. They move according to dice rolls. The number of check ers is unique for backgammon, recent or antique version, so 15 for each player. The diameter of each checker is not the same for the pocket and professional model. It is about 1 to 1.5 centimeters for the former, and about 2 to 2.5 centimeters in diameter for the latter. Colors vary from set to set: blue and brown, green and brown, gray and black, beige and red, blue and yellow, etc. You can make your choice according to your taste.


Each player owns his own gobelet. This tool is used to roll the dice. It is made of imitation leather or vegetable leather depending on the model. The inner surface of some models is lined with suede or a soft leather to cushion the noise of the dice.

Doubling nut

This dice-shaped component is used to double the game stakes. Hence the name “doubling die.” Its presence reinforces the strategic aspect of the game. It can transform the fate of a game in an instant.

For connoisseurs who appreciate finesse and luxury, our selection of vegan leather backgammon is designed for you. And if leather effect is not your favorite material, we invite you to discover our wooden backgammon tables that combine tradition and sophistication. Choose your next playmate now!