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The game of Backgammon continues to fascinate and engage players around the world. But what is it that makes this age-old game so popular and captivating?

Is it the strategy, the adrenaline rush, or simply the pleasure of moving the checkers on a board with numbered triangles? A little bit of all of these things! We at see it not just as a simple board game, but as a true work of art, a luxurious decorative object, a travel companion, and a perfect gift!

Our collections of backgammon trays

Whether you are a board game lover, avid backgammon player, or collector looking for unique pieces, our catalog caters directly to you. Each backgammon we offer has a unique appeal. Are you a beginner? It is designed to make it easy to learn the rules of the game. It also offers the perfect balance of competitiveness and aesthetics. A great gift idea for those who love to play dice.

Luxury backgammon

In this collection, we offer you gaming tables that perfectly combine modern design and craftsmanship. Our range of luxury backgammons is designed to captivate and provide an unparalleled gaming experience. Each piece is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, an expression of refinement. Every detail, from the choice of materials for the board and pieces to the finish, is designed for backgammon enthusiasts who seek not just a game, but an incomparable experience.

Travel backgammon

You probably don’t want to leave your favorite game at home when you go on a business trip or vacation. Our pocket trays are the reference for any trip. They have a range of qualities that will appeal to the most demanding gamers. Lightweight, compact and sturdy, they allow you to play without limits wherever you are.

Leather backgammon  

There is something undeniably classic and refined about using leather to play backgammon with family and friends. The feel, smell and look of the leather on the board add an extra sensory dimension to the game. We have chosen some of the finest vegan leathers. Each game case combines tradition and modernity. A must for anyone who wants to own or gift an entertainment tool that is second to none. As fun as it is decorative!

Wooden backgammon

Niente è paragonabile alla sensazione di giocare con un set di backgammons in vero legno. L’aspetto caldo e vivace del legno, con le sue venature uniche in ogni pezzo, conferisce a ogni set il suo carattere distintivo. Realizzata con legno della migliore qualità, ogni scatola di legno, splendidamente impreziosita da incisioni artigianali, è progettata per durare nel tempo e decorare i vostri spazi. Possono diventare cimeli di famiglia da tramandare di generazione in generazione. Gli amanti dei giochi in legno lo ameranno incondizionatamente.

Each pack in our collections includes a beautiful game board, 2 sets of 15 colored counters, 4 resin dice, a doubling cube to intensify games, and a pair of vegan leather cups. A complete kit to proudly participate in competitions organized by Ffbg.

Backgammon game, immerse yourself in the exciting world of MB

Backgammon belongs to the family of board games. It is similar to the famous game of trictrac, but more simplified. It consists of a number of elements, the most important of which are :

The game board

It is a flat apron that opens like a briefcase. Required to play backgammon Inside this board you can see two sets of 12 arrows or alternating light and dark dots. Each arrow forms a triangle or square numbered from 1 to 24. A square is simply a step toward the player. A square is simply a step toward the exit, the outer part of each board, which forms a battlefield where strategy and luck will decide the winner. Our collection combines aesthetics and functionality. We offer you game tables designed with the highest quality materials.

The counters

Each board contains two sets of 15 pieces of two different colors. Guided by each player, the pieces move in one direction against their partner’s: from point #1 to point #24 and vice versa. Each moving pawn reflects all the tactics, messengers of each opponent’s ingenuity. Our instantly recognizable pawns are made of the finest materials. They glide perfectly. Their unparalleled durability is sure to appeal to collectors. Each color used on the board has been carefully selected to enhance each game.

The dice

Backgammon is played with two pairs of dice, one for each player. These small six-sided cubes, illustrated with the numbers 1 to 6, are the masters of chance. Each roll introduces an element of uncertainty before the tokens are moved. As in some domino games, this makes each move and each game unique. But good strategy will tame the chaos they represent. It creates the perfect balance of luck and skill. Our dice are designed to last.

The doubling cube

The true tactical symbol of backgammon is the use of the doubling cube, known as the “videau,” with its faces showing 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64. It allows each opponent to double their bet and raises the stakes. The cube is the centerpiece of our sets. It is made of noble materials that add a touch of gravity to every doubling decision.

How do you play our Backgammon games?

Think these board games are complicated? Think again. This is a classic game that is accessible to everyone. The rules are simple once you learn the essentials.


The beginning of the game

First of all, it’s a two-person game. And before we talk about strategy, let’s look at the set-up. Each player’s 15 pieces are placed on a 24-point board, divided into four quadrants. The two players compete in each game, with the goal of moving all their pieces on the board. Players compete to move them clockwise toward the exit. Before playing a turn, however, each player must carefully consider how to move their pieces on each square on the board.

The direction of movement of the pieces

The basis of this board game is the movement of the checkers. This is determined by the roll of two dice in turn by each player. This is the element of chance in backgammon. However, cunning and strategy come into play when deciding how to use the dice. Each turn, you can move one marker from the total number of the two dice or two markers separately, corresponding to each of the dice. The secret? Anticipate the opponent’s moves and protect the position of the counters by moving them carefully.

Capturing an opponent’s pawn

During a game, capturing an opponent’s piece means that a player lands on a square or position already occupied by a single opponent’s piece, thus sending this piece into the bar in the center of the board. A piece hit, the blot, must start over from the beginning, in the opponent’s board, after being placed back on the board of the affected player. This attack technique can alter the balance of the game. It is played to disrupt the opponent’s play and create opportunities for counterattack.

The rule of the empty box

During the game, each square can be occupied strategically by multiple pieces belonging to the same player. A square occupied by at least two pieces from one player becomes a blocked point, preventing the opponent from landing there. This tactic can significantly change the course of the game, limiting the opponent’s possible moves.

Gap value

It allows players to propose doubling the points in play at a time when they have a solid board or feel they are in a strong position, or perhaps to intimidate their opponent. However, using the doubling cube wisely requires insight and courage. Would you have the courage to double when victory seems close, knowing that it could also double your loss if the situation turned against you? It is a real puzzle if you want to win the game!

Towards the end of the game: checkers come out

Once all the tokens in one’s inner quadrant have been collected, the grand finale begins-the start of the battle against the opposing board. Each dice draw determines the number of checkers each player can remove from the board. However, this phase is not without risk. If, by bad luck, one of your tokens is captured and placed on the middle bar during this critical phase, you are obliged to put it back on the board. This token must cross the entire board again to reach its own inner quadrant before you can think about removing other tokens. During a game, if all tokens are removed from within the board, you win. If you wish, you can move on to the next game!

It is a two-person strategy game that stimulates the mind, encourages reflection and offers endless potential for fun. A passion for this pastime led to the creation of our MB brand.

Who are we?

Backgammon, one of the oldest and best board games in the world, has spanned the millennia. It has evolved from a simple board game into one of the finest strategic pastimes of our time. But how did this game, with its ubiquitous pawns and dice, survive the test of time and continue to fascinate players around the world? The answer is simple: thanks to enthusiasts like those behind the MB brand.

Why was My Backgammon born?

This is a question that many people are asking and one that we are proud to answer. The genesis of the MB brand was not accidental, but the result of a burning passion for backgammon that evolved over the years. This passion, combined with a deep desire to meet other enthusiasts, has helped them share with family, friends and colleagues, unique moments around a millennial strategy game. So why create a brand that specializes in selling backgammon in France? The answer is simple and direct: to offer the best. The best of this puzzle game, in all its forms.

A Parisian brand

Our mission from the very beginning? To offer an unparalleled experience to all passionate backgammon players in France. Mon Backgammon, based in the heart of Paris, is not just a site dedicated to buying backgammon. We are a space created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. A place to find unique boards, practical information about the game, and professional advice to improve each game. Becoming the leading French site dedicated to selling backgammon is not just a commercial goal for the MP brand. It is a commitment to a community that seeks, through every checker moved, every number drawn, every strategy devised, to connect with a part of our history.
We want to be the destination for all gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience. So do you wish to own an exceptional piece or give a memorable gift? Welcome to My Backgammon!